• VOA to Develop New Affordable Housing for Families in DC

    VOA to Develop New Affordable Housing for Families in DC

    Volunteers of America National Services Selected as Developer for New Family Affordable Housing Site at Historic Langston and Slater Schools In Washington, DC.

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    125 Faces of VOA

    For 125 years, Volunteers of America has worked on the frontlines of service to help countless people in need. During 2021, for our milestone anniversary, we will share the faces and stories of the varied people who have benefited from this work, as well as the many VOA workers who have dedicated themselves to service to others.

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    Find Support with VOA | ReST

    Wherever you are, whenever you are ready, log on to confidential peer support from VOA | ReST designed to help frontline care workers connect with each other and maintain resilience. The small groups, facilitated by trained peers, provide a chance to share your experiences, reflect, and affirm your strength.

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    1.5 million people helped annually

  • 57,000

    kids and young people given opportunities they could never have imagined

  • 27,000

    veterans whose lives we have helped improve

  • 28,000

    individuals and families impacted by incarceration helped

  • 11,000

    individuals with intellectual disabilities empowered to be independent and involved in their communities

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    older adults cared for, housed and loved

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    homeless individuals assisted

  • 23,000

    people housed in our 19,426 affordable housing units in 484 properties